Empowering Seniors to Live Safer, Healthier Lives

What you don’t know could hurt you when it comes to the safety issues that affect older adults today. From identity theft to falls in the home, RSVP’s Triad program strives to provide you with the knowledge you need to feel safer and more secure in your home and in our communities.

What is Triad?

Triad is a nationwide program that brings together older adults, law enforcement and the community to promote safety, healthy living and to reduce the fear of crime. Providing vital information about personal and public safety, and healthy living are key to our mission. We invite you to participate in any of our Triad events and activities.

Triad Educational Programs

Triad offers monthly presentations on topics such as scams and frauds, traffic safety, dementia safety, emergency preparedness, preventing falls, and many others. The presentations are via Zoom, so you can attend online from your home. If you have an idea for a program that you would like Triad to develop, contact Mike Thomsen at mthomsen@rsvpdane.org or 608-411-7897.

Triad YouTube Channel

If you miss a presentation of interest, no worries.  They are recorded and available on the Triad YouTube channel. Below are some of our most popular presentations.

What’s up with Falling Down

Dementia Safety Tips

Reverse Mortgages – What Every Senior Should Know

Annual Triad Conference

Every year, Triad sponsors an educational conference with experts speaking on a variety of topics of interest to older adults including identity theft, community policing, hoarding and downsizing, home security, and so much more. Presentations from 2020, 2021 and 2022 are available on the Triad Youtube channel.

Triad Newsletter

Triad publishes a quarterly online newsletter with articles written by and for older adults about a wide variety of safety and healthy living topics. See our newsletter page for past issues. If you would like to receive the Triad Newsletter, email mthomsen@rsvpdane.org.

How to Volunteer

Volunteers are needed to help with planning and promoting Triad programs and the Triad Newsletter. For more information on how to get involved in Triad as a participant or a volunteer, contact Mike Thomsen at mthomsen@rsvpdane.org or 608-441-7897.

Additional Resources

Triad of Wisconsin Website

Meet Our Volunteers

“The hours that I spend volunteering give me inner satisfaction that I am doing something good for my community. It is just very rewarding and enriching.”

Neil McCallum
Triad Volunteer

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