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Be a Savvy Senior

What you don’t know could hurt you when it comes to the safety issues that affect seniors today.  From identity theft to falls in the home, RSVP’s Triad program strives to provide seniors with the knowledge they need to feel safer and more secure in their communities.

What is Triad?

Triad is a national program that promotes safety and crime prevention for seniors.  Locally, RSVP partners with the Dane County Sheriff’s Department, local police departments, senior agencies, and others in the community to bring vital health and safety information to Dane County seniors. We invite you to participate in any of the following Triad activities.

Local Triad Educational Opportunities

Three Dane County community Triads sponsor monthly presentations on topics related to crime prevention and safety such as identity theft, bullying, hoarding, scams and frauds, emergency preparedness and many others.  These presentations are free of charge.  The schedule for presentations is available on the Local Triad Events page.  For additional information, contact Mike Thomsen, RSVP, 608-441-7897 or . Verona residents can also contact Becky Losby at the Verona Senior Center at 608-848-0432 or

Free Winterization Car Checks

Each fall local Triads help seniors get ready for winter driving by sponsoring Winterization Car Checks, which are free of charge to those over 50.  You’ll get a pre-winter assessment of your car’s belts, tires (including spare), antifreeze, lights, turn signals and more.

How to Volunteer

Volunteers are needed to help on the planning committees and in promoting the Triad programs. If you would like more information on how to get involved in Triad as a participant or a volunteer, contact Mike Thomsen at or 608-411-7897.

Additional Resources

The links below provide additional information on the Triad program and senior safety.
Triad of Wisconsin
Triad of Cottage Grove
National Association of Triads

Seniors Tell Us

More Careful
“I will be more careful when using social media. I will be more vigilant when out in the community, and I will take steps to keep my home safer.”
- Triad Conference Participant

2020 Triad Conference will be Virtual

More information available soon.