Help Others Learn to Ride the Bus

Many seniors do not use the Madison Metro buses because they haven’t had the opportunity to learn the bus system. RSVP’s Bus Buddy Program pairs seasoned bus riders with learners, and the results have been somewhat magical. Once seniors have the confidence to travel around the city via bus, their world expands. They have the freedom to go to senior centers, shopping, and entertainment. They can plan a fun outing with friends rather than stay confined to their home.

Experienced Bus Riders: Volunteer to Share your Knowledge

If you are a seasoned bus rider, you can teach others how to ride the bus in Madison as a Bus Buddy volunteer. You will be matched with a learner and travel with them for several rides until they are comfortable traveling on their own. You can also be a part of Bus Buddy tours to fun Madison locations. For more information, contact Jan Karst at 608-441-7891 or

Learners: Expand your World via the Bus

Don’t let a lack of transportation keep you from enjoying all Madison has to offer. Let a Bus Buddy help you learn to use the city bus. RSVP Bus Buddy volunteers will accompany you on your first few bus trips to help you learn the bus system and routes, as well as how to request assistance (large print schedules, ramps, seating, etc.). If you would like to have a Bus Buddy help you navigate the bus system, contact Jan Karst at 608-441-7891 or There is no cost to participate.

Bus Buddy Tours

You can also combine learning to use the bus with a fun outing by joining a free Bus Buddy Tour. Bus Buddy Coordinators lead group tours that include instructions on how to use the bus and a visit to a local attraction. You’ll have fun, learn the bus system, and meet other learners. The Bus Buddy program will be following all COVID-19 safety protocols including wearing a mask and social distancing.

2023 Bus Buddy Tours Info

Buzzed into RSVP Bus Buddy Program

“Many of these people were scared to get on a bus.  I had one woman who told me just being able to get on the bus and go out to East Towne was like going to the State Fair.  So, this was total independence for her.”

Heather Johnson
Bus Buddy Volunteer

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