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The Joy of Stitching

If you are searching for a “feel good” program-with-a-purpose, you will touch many lives by using your knitting, sewing or crocheting talents as a Group Projects or Homeworker volunteer. Make everything from quilts, shawls, mittens, tote bags, and much more by volunteering in crafting groups and/or at home. On average, approximately 12,000 items are made and distributed to nonprofit organizations, medical facilities, low-income/transitional housing complexes, schools, etc. throughout Dane County to help people of all ages.  Click here for a list of Recipient Agencies.

Our volunteers often tell us this program is what gets them going in the morning—to give from the hand and the heart to neighbors in Dane County. They appreciate the camaraderie, friendship, and social interaction that are part of a sewing or knitting group.

Donations are Gladly Accepted

Each year RSVP recycles thousands of pounds of donated materials. Instead of being sent to landfills, these items are crafted into beautiful, handmade items that are much appreciated by the community members who receive them. If you have acrylic yarn, cotton/cotton blend fabric, fleece, flannel, denim, corduroy or upholstery fabric, sewing notions or batting to donate, contact Kate Seal at  or 608-310-7280.

Request Handmade Items

If you represent a community group in need of handmade items, download a Request for Handmade Items Form in printable pdf format and mail to Kate Seal, RSVP, 6501 Watts Road, Suite 250, Madison, WI 53719 or email to

How to be a Knitting or Sewing Volunteer

Join us! RSVP has sewing or knitting groups in Belleville, Cambridge, Cross Plains, Deerfield, DeForest, Fitchburg, McFarland, Mt. Horeb, Oregon, Verona, Waunakee and several sites in Madison. To find a sewing or knitting group near you where you can use your creative talents to help others, contact Kate Seal at 608-310-7280, or  or complete this online form.

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Volunteers & Recipients Tell Us

A Gift for Someone Else
“During the winter, I have no transportation and very little contact with my friends, except for my RSVP group. So I sew. I love everything about quilting. I love that my mother taught me and that her mother taught her. I love that quilts are both warm and beautiful. And, I love that it is something I can do for someone else."
- RSVP Group Projects Volunteer
"RSVP items provide welcoming warmth and pride in cold winter months for both adults and children who would otherwise go without. Also provides a world view that people care."
- Community Recipient