Triad Safety Programs on YouTube

Recordings of Triad safety programs, on topics ranging from online scams to fall prevention, are now available on YouTube.

Since June, 2020, we have been recording our Triad programs as well as our Triad Conference workshops, and these are now available to the public on our YouTube channel. The collection has grown to 15 videos. Here is a list of our videos.

2020 Triad Conference on Safety and Crime Prevention

  • Recognizing and Responding to Abuse in Later Life (Keynote)
  • The Impact and Response to Elder Abuse in Wisconsin
  • Elders and Substance Use: The Invisible Crisis
  • Understanding Police Response to Individuals in a Mental Health Crisis
  • Online and Social Media Safety
  • The Con Artist’s Playbook
  • Senior Victim Support
  • It Takes a “Village”: A Unique Model for Aging in Place
  • Exterior Camera Surveillance
  • Navigating the Covid-19 Environment

Triad monthly programs

  • What’s Up with Falling Down?
  • Winter: Are YOU Prepared?
  • Safety Tips and Tools for Those Living with Dementia
  • Safety Navigating Our Ever-Changing Roads
  • Covid-19 Scams and What You Need to Know

Each video is about an hour long, and to help viewers find topics within each video we have created a list of bookmarks and inserted them into the video. In the video’s description, click on a timestamp, say 7:00, and jump to that topic in the video, “Patrol Officer Responsibilities.”

Or simply place your cursor over the progress bar near the bottom of the video and the timestamp, a thumbnail, the topic title will appear. Click there and jump to that topic.

To find our YouTube channel, search for “Triads of Dane County” in YouTube or click on this link: We hope this collection of vital information, produced by the three Triads of Dane County, will become an important resource for individuals as well as professionals working with older adults.

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