Triad Newsletter Fall Issue Is Now Available Just In Time for the Holiday Season


The linked content is RSVP of Dane County's quarterly Triad Newsletter, Fall issue.

The Fall issue of our Triad Newsletter is now available just in time for the Holiday Season. You can download a copy at and read it at your leisure. The goal of the Triad Newsletter is to offer readers useful, interesting, original articles about personal and public safety, and healthy living topics written by older adult Triad volunteers and professionals who work with older adults everyday.

A great big “Thank You” to our volunteer writers and proofreaders, David Wakely, Jim Jenkins, Peggy Nolan, Jeanna Olson, and Carole Vincent. And a great big “Thank You” to our professional partners, Sarah Kruse at Sharing Active Independent Lives – SAIL, and Ashley Hillman at Safe Communities. If you are interested in contributing an original article on a safety, crime prevention or healthy living topic for older adults, and especially if you are an older adult, please send us a message.
We would love to get feedback from readers. Are the topics useful? What would you like to see in next quarter’s newsletter? And please add anything else you think would help us improve the newsletter. Feel free to message us or email your feedback to

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