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Where Volunteers Make a Difference

Make a Difference in Another Vet’s Life

It’s often said that no one understands a Vet like another Vet. RSVP’s Vets Helping Vets program builds on that natural bond by matching Veterans in need with drivers who are fellow Vets—and both parties benefit. 

Provide Rides to Medical Appointments

The primary focus of the program, which serves all of Dane County, is to provide rides to help Veterans and their families who need transportation to medical appointments and other important meetings. Volunteers use their own cars and the driving schedule is very flexible. You can choose to drive as often as you like and select the days that work best for you. You’ll receive a call when we have a ride request and can accept or decline based on your schedule.

Volunteers who Drive Veterans also Receive:

  • Mileage reimbursement
  • Extra insurance coverage
  • The satisfaction of knowing that they are helping a fellow Veteran

Help Veterans in Other Ways

If you would like to help but would rather not drive, the program is expanding to provide other opportunities. Help is needed to help at Dryhooch (Veteran’s coffee shop), the VA Hospital and the homeless day centers. There are also opportunities to help with special one-day events celebrating Veterans. 

How to Volunteer with Veterans

If you are a Veteran who would like to help, please contact Lorrie Hylkema at 608-238-7901 or or complete this online form.

This video of news coverage of the program also provides more information.

Below is a link to a list of transportation providers for all veterans in Dane County. Included is transportation assistance for seniors, people who live in a rural setting, and people who work in Dane County without access to public transportation. This list was compiled in December, 2020, with the assistance of Dane County transportation partners.

Dane County Transportation Providers

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Volunteers Tell Us

“Being a Vet gives me an appreciation for what these folks went through. Feeling that I am doing something to help them is very rewarding.”
- Veteran Driver
“I’ve met some really interesting people, and I’ve found there is a real bonding between me and the people I drive. It goes beyond ‘hi, how are you.’”
- Veteran Driver

Vets Who Need a Ride

If you are Veteran or family member of a Veteran who doesn’t have access to transportation such as bus, van, family or friends, you may be eligible for our program.

Please call Lorrie Hylkema at (608) 238-7901. There is no charge for the ride, but donations are gratefully accepted.