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Making face masks during this pandemic has been a vital, large-scale project for the Group Projects Program at RSVP, but so much more has been happening behind the scenes. Katie Palmer is a perfect example of how diverse the involvement of a volunteer in the program can be.

If you’re ready for a good laugh and a heartfelt exchange, then what you need is a heaping dose of Katie! A beloved RSVP volunteer who’s spent nearly six years in the program, Katie shares her diverse creative talents and turns frowns upside down. She followed her mom into the ring (her mother, Barbara, has been a Group Projects volunteer for over 22 years!) and became an instant asset to the program. She’s an ambitious, self-driven leader, who’s compassionate and absolutely hilarious. She began crafting with the Mt. Horeb group, (who are famous for their darling teddy bears and doggy pillow creations) but then instinctively fell into the position of liaison volunteer. Liaisons bring necessary supplies to groups and homeworkers, and then transport the completed donations back to the RSVP storeroom for community distribution. She is now a liaison volunteer for three crafting groups, plus several volunteers who craft their donations strictly at home, who are called homeworkers. Katie stays for the entirety of each group meeting to help the groups tie quilts and stuff teddy bears, (plus she provides quality fellowship with each homeworker visit) all the while sharing silly stories and uplifting commentary.

Katie’s talents include sewing, quilting, crocheting and knitting. She and her mother, Barbara, often work their magic by tackling unfinished projects that come to the RSVP office. Together, they figure out whatever stitches or patterns are necessary to complete them—a very special skill. They also share projects, like the making of a special request doll. Katie sewed and stuffed the body while Barbara tackled the hair. It was quite a team effort.

Since groups have not been meeting due to COVID 19, many volunteers have limited communications or social opportunities. Katie fills in the gaps by making a dozen or more calls to fellow volunteers each week, and even makes trips to bring them yarn and fabric to keep busy doing the things they love while “safe at home.” She’s even picked up groceries for a volunteer!

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Volunteers Tell Us

Provides Structure to My Days
“Volunteering has put me in touch with people I would not have normally met. Introduced me to others from different cultural backgrounds. Helped provide structure to my days.”
- RSVP Volunteer