Where Volunteers Make a Difference

RSVP of Dane County Board of Directors

  • Diane Wiedenbeck, President
    Chair, Cottage Grove Triad
  • James G. Jenkins, Vice President
    Retired, State of Wisconsin
  • Kelly Krein, Secretary
    Student Government Advisor, UW Madison
  • Jack Anderson, Treasurer
    Retired, University Teaching
  • Alison Koelsch, Immediate Past President
    Retired, Director, Oregon Senior Center
  • Mary Brown
    Retired, U.S. Government Employee
  • Angela Haskin
    Employed with Integrity Residential Services
  • Carroll Heideman
    Retired, MMSD Teacher
  • Richard R. Hoffman
    Retired, Stoughton Bank Executive
  • Tom Howells
    Retired, Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association
  • Michael (Mick) Maier
    Retired, School and University Administrator
  • LuAnn Paepke
    Retired, State of Wisconsin FGP Coordinator
  • Sonia Ramirez
    Retired, Bauder Fashion College
  • Pat Reidy
    Retired, UW Foundation

Board Members Tell Us

Feel So Strongly
"I serve on the Board and volunteer because I feel so strongly about what RSVP does. I can and will through my service ‘make a difference’ in people’s lives. Doing so is very satisfying and comforting.”
- RSVP Board Member & Volunteer Driver
“Working with an organization that is effectively improving the lives of many in our community is very satisfying to me.”
- RSVP Board Member