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Where Volunteers Make a Difference

The saying "you can be anything in this world, choose to be kind" speaks to the spirit of service that Daniel and Robin McCarthy embrace in their work with NewBridge's Food Bridge Program. The couple sought a volunteer job they could do together, and the Food Bridge program was just the ticket. There, they were paired with an elderly couple and were tasked with shopping for and delivering groceries from a local food pantry to them once a month.

"They were a social couple." Robin said. "Normally, we would spend time visiting with them, but now we just drop the groceries at the door. We do chat on the phone, but we're looking forward to when we can interact with them again face-to-face."

"Volunteering has been a part of who we are and who we want to be," Daniel added. "We've volunteered in different ways as a family through the years, but Robin has a soft spot for the elderly so this was a great way for the two of us to volunteer together now."

Robin has just recently retired from work in the senior companion care field, and Daniel still works full time for the State of Wisconsin. And with three sons and their families to visit, horses and dogs to tend, and other volunteer gigs at church and Meals on Wheels, rest assured no moss grows under their rolling stones. Even though they live full lives, they both feel this has been such a low impact volunteer job to take on that everyone should do it!

If you are interested in learning more about the Food Bridge program, contact Mary Schmelzer at 608-441-7896 or .




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