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Where Volunteers Make a Difference

There are volunteers who make it all look so easy - one of those is Lori Wirth, who recently retired from the Madison Fire Department and who as a representative of the Fire Department served as a steadfast committee member of various RSVP committees focused on senior safety.  The Fire Department chose well when they hired Lori as their community outreach person - she's smart, resourceful, solution oriented, personable, creative, and best of all, she doesn't shy away from pitching in to get things done.

Along with being a wonderful committee member, she is a popular workshop speaker who receives rave reviews from her audiences.  She is also known by her co-committee members as the "idea person," whose creativity always helped clarify and select the underlying theme for a conference or other presentation and come up with solutions to obstacles or challenges.

When she started as a partner representative back in 2005, Lori served on the RSVP Home Safety/Falls Committee that produced volunteer job descriptions for home safety efforts, in addition to doing presentations on fall prevention/safety.

Another major contribution to the community was her years as a member of the Triad Annual Conference Planning Committee, where she put in 12 years of her time.  During her 12 years with the Triad Conference and as a member of the West Madison Triad, she presented 20-30 workshops on a variety of safety subjects.  As a result, she also received many additional requests to give her presentations at various groups throughout the county.

Lori would probably modestly say that her contribution was "all part of the job" but anyone who worked or volunteered alongside her or who attended her presentations, would say that she always went the extra mile.  Paraphrasing one of her fellow committee members, Lori always brought the sun wherever she was.  RSVP/West Madison Triad was lucky to be blessed with her light for the past 12 years - good luck in your new chapter, Lori - you will be missed!




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