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Give Back and Make it Fun

Mary Jo Koenig

It was more than 20 years ago when Mary Jo Koenig received a call from a friend at the Mt. Horeb Senior Center.  “Could you please help us deliver some meals?”   Ever since that day, she has been taking to the road to help area seniors.

During her early years delivering meals, Mary Jo was joined by her husband, Ben.  A popular school bus driver, Ben was well qualified to be her assistant!  Mary Jo treasured those times together, especially when they learned that Ben had colon cancer and wouldn’t have long to live.

Driving seniors to medical appointments soon became part of Mary Jo’s volunteering.  She says she particularly enjoys meeting new people and going to new places, and her riders are happy to see her pull up! 

Mary Jo also volunteers at her church, and she is a “regular” at Mt. Horeb Senior Center, dropping by almost daily to help out where she can and to enjoy the activities there.  Director Lynn Forshaug says about her, “Mary Jo has been a loyal and dependable volunteer who has helped in many aspects of our outreach and nutrition programs here in Mt. Horeb.”

Mary Jo knows the value of keeping close to family and friends when facing the ups and downs of life.  Many of those friendships have resulted from her volunteering in the community.  She urges others to get involved in their own communities and to, “Give back and find ways to make it fun!”

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