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Where Volunteers Make a Difference

Foster Grandparent Carolyn Griffin has made community and volunteering a priority as well as a passion throughout her 66 years.  In fact, Carolyn was introduced to the Foster Grandparent Program through Imagine Madison, "a unique public-listening campaign," with a goal "to gather the opinions of each and every Madisonian, which will be used in planning the Madison of tomorrow - and beyond."  It's through taking part in initiatives like these that Carolyn shows her devotion to making this world a better place. 

Carolyn is certainly making a difference as a volunteer in the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program's (RSVP) Foster Grandparent program.  Foster Grandparents are caring seniors, age 55 and older, who volunteer 15 plus hours each week in Dane County elementary schools and Reach Dane Head Start programs.  They serve as role models and mentors, helping children become motivated learners and succeed in life.

Angie Montpas, principal of Huegel Elementary School where Carolyn volunteers, sees Foster Grandparents as another opportunity to connect with a caring adult at school.  Carolyn appreciates the opportunity to share her time, life experience and love with the children there.

"I really enjoy being a senior involved in the community, and I look forward to working with children who need the extra support," Carolyn explains about her desire to help.  She adds with a smile, "And then, when they become doctors, lawyers, and football players, they will thank me."





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