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Where Volunteers Make a Difference

How RSVP Touches Lives

Our volunteers are the backbone of RSVP—and they are some truly amazing people.  We would like you to meet some of them, and see how they make a difference in their communities every day.

A Passion for Being Involved
Kindness Travels Full-Circle
Seeing the Need, then Volunteering to Help
Knitting with a Purpose
Taking on New Challenges
Delivering Food and Friendship during Pandemic
Give Back and Make it Fun

It was more than 20 years ago when Mary Jo Koenig received a call from a friend at the Mt. Horeb Senior Center.  “Could you please help us deliver some meals?”   Ever since that day, she has been taking to the road to help area seniors.

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Triad Safety Programs Now Online

Is it TRIAD or Triad? And what does it mean? Either way you write it, Triads are local volunteer organizations that bring together 1) older adults, 2) law enforcement and 3) the community at-large to promote safety.

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Volunteers Drive Connections

Chuck and Kay Spelbring volunteer for RSVP of Dane County's Driver Services Program, giving free rides to medical appointments.  Over the years, they have formed connections that go far beyond chauffeuring passengers.

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The kids keep this 100-year-old volunteer young at heart
Happenings at Kajsiab House

In 2009, Martha Sumi thought she was just answering a call for fabric for a newly forming RSVP group at Kajsiab House, but when she met the Hmong women that made up the group she was hooked!

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Speaking Out for Senior Safety

There are volunteers who make it all look so easy - one of those is Lori Wirth, who recently retired from the Madison Fire Department and who as a representative of the Fire Department served as a steadfast member of several RSVP committees on senior safety.

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A Tradition of Service

Bob Rahn spent his career in public service, first as an Army combat helicopter pilot in Viet Nam and later as a patrol officer and detective for the Madison Police Department (MPD).  So, it's no surprise that when he retired, his commitment to service didn't stop.

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