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Meet Long time High School Tutor Jerry Frisch 

Jerry Frisch would have started the 2020-2021 school year with his eleventh year (started in 2010) of tutoring math at James Madison High School. The pandemic has slowed volunteering in schools (down for now) due to the demands of virtual teaching. Jerry enjoys providing free assistance to Junior and Senior Students who have limited resources available to them for academic success.

Jerry remembers his high-school years and how he struggled with certain subjects. The idea of asking the teacher just didn’t seem like it would work. He needed answers to more than one question. With that thought, he believes that there are several students who would like an extended amount of help to get them up-to-speed with Advanced Algebra.

As it turns out there are several students who want the help. They just want to go over their homework and see if they can complete the day’s assignment. If they get hung up on a question they ask. Students can get hung up on various issues, often something they would be too embarrassed to admit to a teacher. The students ask Jerry the troublesome questions. “That’s the great part about being a tutor. The students are free to ask you many questions they wouldn’t ask in class or to the teacher,” Jerry said.

Not always, but for the most part, students who work with a tutor see significant improvements in their grades. To see the joy on a student’s face when they get a good grade on a test is priceless. It has happened often for Jerry. This is the joy Jerry gets out of tutoring students in math. Jerry loves working with High School Juniors and Seniors. Jerry said, “They are outstanding people and a joy to work with. To see them have success in math with a little assistance from me is a great experience.”


Service Recipients Tell Us

“I am so thankful this service is available. I am 90 years old, and have no family in this area. This program keeps me independent and in my home longer.”
- Sun Prairie Passenger
Impact on Community
“RSVP, you have all done so much for Porchlight and those we serve. I am so glad that you had the chance to see the impact you make in our community. Your support means so much. Thank you.”
- Group Projects Recipient Organization